The 29 secrets of South America by Ms. Chen Su Yin

12 07 2008

Date: 12, July 2008
Time: 7:00pm – 9:30pm
Place: Dragon Palace, Seremban
Event: “The 29 secrets of South America”
Organized by: The Photographic Society of Negeri Sembilan

Ever fancy of backpacking to South America all by yourself? Do I hear you say lack of info? Or finding it hard to plan the itinerary? Well, you are in luck! Come 12th July 2008; PSNS is pleased to announce that Ms. Chen Su Yin, the lady who ventured into Latin America for 29 days, planned the journey every step of the way and walked alone on the earth of these countries, will share with you her insight about her adventure, bitter and sweet! But most of all, come and see for yourself some of the most breathtaking slides shot by this remarkable lady!

Ms. Chen hailed from the capital of Malaysia, she graduated from University Science of Malaysia, had a major in TV & radio and minor in anthropology and sociology. Before joining University College of Sedaya International (UCSI) as a marketing communication manageress, she worked for Astro Malaysia as a news broadcast journalist cum presenter.


Admission is RM50, inclusive of a copy of her book and dinner.




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