Annual Report of PSNS 2010

3 04 2011



1.一月十七日 摄影专题讲座-翁绍卫主讲 地点:本会会所
一月廿四日 摄影专题讲座-黄为民主讲 地点:本会会所
一月三十一日 摄影棚摄影技巧-陈国基主持 地点:本会会所

2.二月至三月 会员专题摄影比赛-农历新年
三月十四日 农历新年会员专题摄影比赛评审及颁奖晚宴
3.五月一日 会员户外摄影比赛 地点:马口斯汀森林保护区
摄影专题讲座-吴亚顺主讲 地点:本会会所
4.六月廿日 摄影及相片处理讲座-丁威主讲 地点:本会会所
6.九月十二日 芙蓉湖滨公园模特儿会员摄影比赛
摄影专题讲座-拿督韩春锦主讲 地点:本会会所
7.十月八日及九日 尼康摄影展览 地点:芙蓉第一终站
模特儿摄影 地点:芙蓉第一终站
8.十一月廿一日 芙蓉街头摄影比赛 地点:芙蓉市区
9.十二月八日 尼康摄影工作坊 地点:本会会所




The Annual Report of PSNS 2010
The following were events were carried out during the year
1. 17th Jan 2010
Talk by Ong Chau Wee at The Club House
24th Jan 2010
Talk by Wong Wai Min at The Club House
31st Jan 2010
Studio photo session by Chan Kok Kee
2. Feb/ March 2010
Members Photo Competition by the theme , Chinese New Year
14th March 2010
Judging of Members’ Photo Competition on Chinese New Year and Dinner
3. 1st May 2010
Members’ outing and contest to Serting , Bahau with lunch. Talk by Eng Ah Soon at The Club house.
4. 20th June 2010
Talk by Teng Wei on photo and composition

5. 18th July 2010 & 31st July 2010
Photo contest by Chin Woo and Judging

6. 12th Sept 2010
Model shooting at lake Garden and talk by Dato Hon Choon Kim

7. 8th & 9th Oct 2010
Nikon exhibition at Terminal one and Model taking

8. 21th Nov. 2010
Candid Camera photography at Seremban and contest

9. 8th Dec 2010
Nikon workshop at Club House.
The society would like to thank all organizations and individuals that have assist the society in cash or kind during the year.
Number of members in the year is : 117, new members admitted during the year :13
For those who have not received club news through sms please sms to 0123821966 informing your name.



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